Social Innovation

Artisans in Salitre, Cajamarca

Artisans in Salitre, Cajamarca

D.A.R. stands for:

  1. Desarrollo Artesanal Responsable

    or Sustainable Artisanal Development.

  2. Infinitive of Spanish verb ‘to give’

Through integrating design and social innovation, we bring new opportunities to the long-standing artisanal communities in Northern Peru.

Giving is an offering of energy : artisans transform materials into high quality objects. Through design and social innovation, we create the context for new economic opportunities.


Social innovation and business go hand in hand.

Our core business principle is building trust with our talented team of artisans. The communities we work in have been subject to tumultuous histories, corrupt governments, and limited educational opportunities. Historically, women have fared worse.

Through our training programs, we lead by example :  we accompany and encourage women on the ground. Our regular presence in communities means that we provide professional skills for high-end design production, thus creating a transparent infrastructure to demonstrate the importance of teamwork.

In the two and a half years of existence, we have built 10 associations of artisans, providing consistent work for 300 artisans. Such transformation and confidence building is nothing short of remarkable.