SATURDAY 26 JANUARY, 2019 1-5PM AT George Brown College, St. James Campus - Room 406 (auditorium), 290 Adelaide Street East

DesignTO’s fourth annual symposium brings 10 multidisciplinary experts into one room for an inspiring discussion on the Future of Work. The event features five thematic sessions on topics like meaningful work, inclusion and diversity, work space, economic systems, and ethics.

Whether we imagine a utopian or dystopian future, whether we envision a future of work where humans and machines co-exist and work together, or one where workers are replaced by machines and algorithms, we know that many features of that the future are already here. But in many cases, other aspects are unpredictable.

Typically, conversations around the Future of Work tend to focus on technology, and its social and economic impact, as well as on the new structures of work and configurations of the workplace. However, little attention is given to the forces driving this change. This year the DesignTO Symposium raises the question: What about humans in the future of work?

This isn’t a debate about man against machine because a future that is more human lies beyond technology itself. People are our most important asset. In their presentations, speakers will invite us to stretch our imaginations, creating space for possibilities and inclusion, while keeping grounded in our humanity. They will tackle complex questions around meaningful work, inclusion and diversity, work space, and economic systems and ethics.

Fishing Nets in the Fashion Industry, Transforming Forgotten Traditions is the main theme of our talk - looking forward to seeing you there!