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Dar Projects is a design studio based in Pacasmayo Peru, a small fishing town on the expansive north coast. Nestled beside the Andean mountain range and surrounded by deserts and ancient temples, we settled here to be able to work hands-on with the unique craft techniques of local indigenous artisans.

Dar Projects is dedicated to establishing training systems for artisans in partnership with social responsibility actors, both federally and locally. Thanks to these partnerships, we reliably produce high-fashion products for the market and successfully meet increasing demand. We believe that design can be the bridge between past and present, connecting indigenous communities and the world.

Our studio is furnished with an eclectic mix of personal favorites + new creations made via collaborations with our artisan teams. This Spring 2019 will see the launch of 2 new projects: the Kux collection of stone and reef products, and a home textiles collection named Dar.